Laying Down Hardwood flooring

When you decide to put hardwood flooring down in your home you will need to decide whether or not you want to work on your own or work with experts to install it for you. You do not need a bunch of specialized skills, or devices to install this kind of floor, but you will certainly need to understand a few tricks of the trade.

Hardwood flooring should be absolutely dry and adapted to the area it is being installed. In general you will want to let your flooring acclimate to the space you will be installing it in for at least 48 hours.

If you are purchasing custom cut flooring you cannot use boards that are freshly cut and planed . The boards need to dry before they are nailed in place because when they dry they will leave big gaps between the boards as they dry and their moisture swell fades. You need to bring the flooring boards inside our home, lay them out flat, and leave them for a period of at the very least forty-eight hours before you start to nail them into place.

When mounting this flooring, patience is a virtue. Do not hurry or you might forget a simple error that might ruin the appearance of these floor boards. You should try laying the floor boards in position without nailing, or gluing any one of them to ensure that you can figure out if your format design is going to help you.

When you begin to nail your boards into place, do a little section and then go back to survey your job. It is much easier to capture a mistake and also mend it when you do small sections each time.

You have to use the claw end of your hammer, or a pry bar to draw the boards as firmly together as possible when you are installing them. In the future all boards will begin to separate as they finish drying out, so the closer they are with each other when they are mounted the smaller sized the gaps in between them will be later.

Make sure that every nail is driven with the board to make sure that people do not trip and fall as a result of a raised nail head. You would not think that something as little as a nail head can be much of a hazard but toes and feet get cut and socks get entangled pretty easily.

The floor boards must be coated with a protective seal before any sort of water based cleaning takes place. Waxes, varnishes and polyurethane coatings can be utilized depending upon your personal preference.