Do you Need a Garage?

garages3According to Worldometers, as of this year, over 60 million passenger cars are produced around the world. This information is based on the current data on around the world car manufacturing provided by the International Organization of Motor Automobile Manufacturers or OICA.

By definition a garage is an establishment or shop where motor vehicles are kept or fixed. The vehicles that are produced these days are created both for sophistication and to run thousands of miles. Even so, they are not made to last forever. As we all know, the raw materials contained in automobiles are steel, plastic, aluminum, glass, and rubber. These materials, when exposed to the elements and constant use undergo aging and wear. Steel of course develops into rust. Vinyl, plastic and rubber parts begin to dry, crack and become brittle. Mother Nature is a harsh mistress! For this reason, if you want your car to last for more than a few years you cannot simply leave your car outside, especially if you need a garage door like the ones over here

Another essential reason why you ought to have a garage is for functionality. Trust is not something we simply give to anyone, not even to our neighbors. As reported by CarBuzz, the FBI’s Uniform Criminal activity reports claimed that a car is stolen in the United States every 40 seconds. Why would you run the risk of theft (or damage!) if you can leave your car securely in the garage? A lot of apartments and condos today have garages in them for this purpose alone, I like to use quality garage building in Chicago for more than 60 years for this reason.

Garages, similar to houses, must have garage doors. There are different type of garage doors that you can pick from depending on your budget plan and style. To some people, garages like Steele and Loeber Garages, build are not just a place to park your car but a true extension of the living space of your home.